Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recommended Audio - The 2009 Gospel Coalition Conference

The audio for the recent 'Gospeal Coalition Conference' is now on-line for free download. I have listened to the first five messages and have been blessed thus far. D.A. Carson and Tim Keller simply broke up the book of 2 Timothy and assigned the various speakers chunks of text. Keller and Carson 'bookended' the conference with their own messages outside of 2 Timothy. While the conference is geared towards pastors, any Christian would benefit from the exhortations to courage and to keeping the gospel central in life. Keller's talk was particularly insightful, and, not surprisingly, Piper's was particularly passionate (as well as insightful). I plan to continue to make my way through this great audio as I seek to be shaped as a Christian and a pastor!

*If you are going to listen to one talk, I'd recommend Keller.

Download the audio or video at:

Why Another Blog?

I've been asking myself this question for years. . .which is why I haven't created another source of noise in this information age. . .until now! So why does the world need another blog now? The simple answer: it doesn't. If you want world class, go to or to Justin Taylor's blog ( They are the two that I find worth while. Instead of world class, I decided to start this one, specifically with my church family (and family) in mind. I keep finding little things around the internet and e-mailing people I think might appreciate them. I also have the odd thought (usually plagiarized) that is worth sharing. So here I am, on googleblogger, starting a blog.

What about the title? I chose 'keeping Christ central' because this is the goal of my life, and therefore, for this blog.

Stay tuned for actual CONTENT!