Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Another Blog?

I've been asking myself this question for years. . .which is why I haven't created another source of noise in this information age. . .until now! So why does the world need another blog now? The simple answer: it doesn't. If you want world class, go to or to Justin Taylor's blog ( They are the two that I find worth while. Instead of world class, I decided to start this one, specifically with my church family (and family) in mind. I keep finding little things around the internet and e-mailing people I think might appreciate them. I also have the odd thought (usually plagiarized) that is worth sharing. So here I am, on googleblogger, starting a blog.

What about the title? I chose 'keeping Christ central' because this is the goal of my life, and therefore, for this blog.

Stay tuned for actual CONTENT!

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