Friday, February 19, 2010

Toronto Pastor's Conference 2010

This year's line-up looks amazing. You can find out more here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hip Hop For Haiti

I first heard of the Christian Hip Hop artist, 'LaCrae' from a 60ish Dutch stone mason from the church I pastor. This man, though not usually a fan of hip hop, bought the album and has been listening to it constantly over the past few weeks. Every time he sees me he raves about the great theology that the singer is getting into his head every day. Praise God for the strong movement of Christian hip hop that is only gaining steam these days!

Though I'm not usually a hip hop fan, I really appreciated the music video attached below. First, I'll copy/paste the explanation from Desiring God ministries, and then I'll paste the video.

Desiring God produced the music video for LeCrae's new song, "Far Away," over the weekend. It is now available for purchase, along with the mp3, for only $4.99.

If you want to buy just the mp3, it is available in iTunes for $.99. It is ranked 46 in Hip Hop as of now. Let's try to move it into the top 10!

Buy either of these now and all proceeds will go to Haiti relief.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Canadian Gospel Coalition Conference, Eh!

Click on the poster to view the pdf. . .and spread the word!!

Sovereign Grace Store. . .Sale!

Over the past number of years, I've been blessed by Sovereign Grace Ministries time and time again. What would you expect from a group of Charismatic Calvinists? Their writings and music and preaching and teaching are all marked by a cross-centerdness, an emphasis on application, and a great humility. For this reason, I'm excited to see that their February sale is on again. Books are $5-7 USD, music CD's that usually cost $17 are now $6, music downloads are even cheaper, and DVD's are all discounted as well. Canadians like me will be happy to see that international shipping is half price for the month as well. Americans will be even more excited to see that shipping is free. Stock up and enjoy.

May I recommend:
Books: 1) Living The Cross Centered Life; 2) Humility: True Greatness (both by CJ Mahaney)
Music: 1) Come Weary Saints; 2) Awesome God (for kids); 3) Valley of Vision

This year my wife and I bought the download of 'To Be Like Jesus,' the most recent kids' CD. Ask me in a few weeks what we think!

Click here to find the sale.