Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One for Kids, One for Adults: Two Free Worship Album Downloads

The other day I saw this link to two free worship albums available for download from The Village Church, where Matt Chandler pastors.

The first is a five song album for kids. Here's the description from their web site:

The Village: Kids - "Jesus Came to Save Sinners"

"Jesus Came to Save Sinners" contains five original songs that teach children about the character and nature of God and His plan to save sinners through Jesus Christ. These songs correspond with the five foundational truths - Jesus Came to Save Sinners, God is Good, God is in Charge of Everything, God Wants to Talk with Us, God Made Everything - taught each weekend in our preschool ministry, The Little Village. The mission and vision of The Little Village is "to partner with parents to build a firm spiritual foundation for their children." Our hope is that these songs will be an effective tool in engaging your children with the truth of who God is as you endeavor to obey the biblical call to bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

The second is a full album by the worship team of the Village Church. Again, here's the description:

The Village - "Village Worship"

Released in 2005, this album contains many of the songs from The Village Church weekend services. The purpose of the CD is to draw you to the feet of God. We pray that as you listen, you would worship in spirit and in truth, with your heart and your mind, making much of God with your affections and your knowledge of the Word. The songs speak of God's great splendor, the wonderful grace of Jesus, the peace that God brings to one's life, and they plead with God to overwhelm our lives with His presence and splendor. They proclaim to our King that He indeed is better than all and that we look forward to the day when He returns once again for His people. May His Name be praised!

I've really been enjoying the latter, and my four year old has been loving the former. Again, both albums, along with download instructions, can be found here.


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