Friday, August 27, 2010

Westminster Seminary Classes on iTunes!!!

I've known for a while that Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia has been working on getting some of its classroom audio on iTunes for free download. For quite a while I've been making use of Reformed Theological Seminary and Covenant Seminary's free classes, and Westminster would be a welcome addition, in my mind. Well, yesterday I did the search at the iTunes store, and found MANY classes available for free download. I nabbed two different counseling classes with lectures by Powlison, Welch, etc, a New Testament class by Moises Silva, apologetics by Van Til, and others. I'm not tech-savvy enough to know how to link to iTunes stuff, so I'll tell you how to search: 1) open iTunes store; 2) type in 'Westminster' in the search box; 3) when the results come, find iTunesU on the top left side and it will open the Westminster Seminary lectures. It's easy to download invidual lectures or whole classes (click on 'get tracks'). A few years ago, listening to Keller and Clowney's RTS class entitled 'Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World' was VERY helpful in shaping my preaching. I look forward to more from the boys at Westmin!

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