Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick Knew All About Human Trafficking: A National Post Article By Clint Humfrey

My buddy Clint had an article published in The National Post yesterday. Here are the first few paragraphs:
Green beer sales mark the globalized celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and for many who are only Irish once a year little more is thought of. But it may be time for St. Patrick’s Day to become an occasion of global awareness for something more than the taste of Guinness, namely the problem of human trafficking.

Patrick was only 16 when he was seized by human traffickers. Removed from his family and home in Roman Britain, he was transported across the Irish Sea to the foreign surroundings of Dalriada in what is now Northern Ireland. The traffickers sold Patrick to a local warlord who exploited the young Briton for six years of forced labor.

Clint then tells the story of how Patrick became a missionary to this adopted country, and relates his experience to human trafficking today. Well worth the read...find it here.

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