Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rethinking Seminary, Especially For Canadians

I really enjoyed my buddy Clint's thoughts on Canadians, Seminary, and Pastoral Training in the following two articles:

Should a Seminary Be a Pastor Factory?

Where Should I Go to Bible College or Seminary: The Canadian Question

Clint seems to be hinting that like-minded local churches need to band together in the practical training of men for pastoral ministry, even as they piggy-back on some of the academic resources that Seminaries and Universities have to offer (e.g. if the group of pastors in a given context don't know Hebrew well enough to teach it to future pastors, send the man away for that aspect of his training). I agree with this analysis, and would add that a more grass roots movement needs to rise up where PhD graduates with a heart for the church need to forgo glory in the academic guild, and focus their efforts on small-scale training and mentoring in the context of a local church. Their scholarly output may not end up being cutting edge, but the fruit of their labours will be greatly multiplied through trained pastors who can handle the Word of God correctly, apply it penetratingly, and lead congregations practically.

Do such movements exist in Canada today? Or, who will be the first to begin such a work?


  1. I do not think that it is honest to delete criticism without explanation and to leave the post as is, as if no dissent had been voiced.

  2. Thanks for re-commenting! If you'd like to debate about this stuff, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to do so with a link to your identity, either a name or a blog link?

    It's difficult to debate without context. Admittedly, many of your comments were very helpful for me as I think these things through. Also admittedly, a blog/comment system has its enormous limits to debate things like these.

    I do want to affirm that I believe Bible Colleges and Seminaries have their place. I also believe that 'the guild' and cutting edge scholarship also has its place. Not all scholars live to boost their egos, and I thank God for this!

    I'd be happy to interact over e-mail if you'd like!