Friday, August 12, 2011

Bill Hybels Speaks About Homosexuality with Grace and Truth

I have learned a lot from Bill Hybels over the years. He is a man with home I disagree about many things, and he is a man from whom I can (and have) learned many things. He is a brother in Christ and I thank God for him. Both in Bible College and as a pastor, his 'Reading Your Gauges' article was extremely helpful to me. A few years ago, his 'Courageous Leadership' book was very helpful too. And just now, I watched the following seven minute YouTube clip of him speaking about Homosexuality, and I learned again. My heart was warmed as I heard words spoken with gospel-gracious open-arms, while at the same time being gospel-faithful without-compromise. Watch and learn how to speak on this very sensitive topic; watch and fall in love with this gospel all over again!


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