Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carl Trueman: Is Hurt Mail the New Hate Mail?

Carl Trueman has fast become my favourite cultural critic. Rather, he's at least my favourite Christian cultural critic (Neil Postman has to have the primary place of honour as my favourite). Trueman is a historical theology professor at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, who specializes in teaching Martin Luther and John Owen. Trueman is also an incredible analyst of the culture in which we find ourselves. His writings are insightful and almost always, side-splittingly hilarious. His newest article is no different. In it he traces the shift that has happened more recently from evaluating an opinion in truth terms (that was wrong), to evaluating an opinion in aesthetic terms (that was hurtful). He observes that whereas authors used to get hate mail to intimidate them into not write on a given topic, they now get hurt mail - a different means with the same goal. I'd recommend you read the article and begin to follow his monthly column. Columns like this one help me see things I'm so immersed in, I'd otherwise miss. It takes a historian to have such an insightful set of glasses through which to see the world! The article can be found here.

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