Friday, October 16, 2009

David Letterman and the Gospel

In my sermon this past Sunday I told the story of David Letterman's blackmailer and what it teaches us about the gospel. While Letterman found it chilling that, a) someone knew many of the horrible things he's done, and, b) he held in his hands a catalog of many bad things he's really done, I said that on the day of judgment, our deeds will be made public before a holy God and a watching world, and we will be judged for them. It was a powerful time of reflecting on the severity of sin before a holy God. I thought I'd link to the article by Russell Moore that first showed me this connection with Letterman. I also thought I'd post the 10 minute clip of Letterman outlining the details of the extortion attempt. Notice the way he makes jokes, even when he's feeling very heavy!
Note: I don't think the video was embedded properly. If you don't see it, follow this link.

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