Friday, October 2, 2009

Tim Keller on Learing From Willow Creek

Among the 'most influential' men on my view of the Christian life and Church life is undoubtedly Tim Keller. During the amazing years I spent at Grace Toronto Church, I was immersed in a church atmosphere shaped by Keller's ministry model - our pastor, Stephen Beck was mentored by Keller. In the two years as a member and then additional two as an intern pastor (and still a member), my views of life and ministry were forever shaped, even though I'd never read a word of Keller's or heard any of his 'tapes' (it was the late 90's). Since becoming a pastor I've benefitted from Keller's recent publications (The Reason for God is my favourite), and his audio ministry (I especially love his free class on preaching Christ in a postmodern world, found on iTunes). Not surprisingly, then, this post of his, from his new blog, completely resonated with me. Lately I've been repenting of a lack of intentionality in my ministry and Keller expresses what is going on in my heart. Read his short post and be blessed!

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