Thursday, November 12, 2009

Profiling the Average Binbrook Resident

Last night a few members of our church went door to door with surveys in our community. Our goal was not evangelistic. Our goal was to honestly get to know the people of the Binbrook community. We went out after suppers were over, but before kids were in bed. We were respectful and polite. We introduced ourselves, and told people the church we are from, and that we want to get to know our community better. Then we asked them if they'd be willing to complete a 60 second survey. At that moment 99% of the suspicious looks went away. Half of the people said no thanks and took our flyer. And about half of them gladly gave us sixty seconds of their night. We stuck to the 60 seconds, and learned a lot. Here are the questions we asked:

1. Do you have any interest in spiritual things?

2. Are you affiliated with any religion (if so which one)?

3. Do you attend a church at any time throughout the year (if so, which one)?

4. Do you have a Bible in your house (if not, can we give you this one for free)?

5. Can we pray for you for anything in particular?

6. After Christmas our church plans to begin discussion groups about who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about. When we do this would you be interested in a phone call?
(If yes to #6) What is your name, phone number?

(If yes to #6) Would you prefer a Wednesday morning, afternoon or evening?

At the end of our evening, here is a summary of the average answers. The average resident of our suburbia has:

- Low to no professed interest in spiritual things
- Has some ties to the Catholic church but is non-practicing
- May attend church once per year with a relative, or not at all
- Has a Bible in their home
- Is thankful that we have offered to pray for them, but doesn’t have anything that we can pray for (unless a recent family tragedy is at the front of their minds, in which case they share and are thankful for our prayers).
- Is interested in getting a phone call when our church begins discussion groups on who Jesus is and what it matters.

That last answer blew me away every time, especially in light of their professed lack of interest in all things spiritual. In an hour and a quarter 10 people (yep, 10!) told me they'd like a phone call when we start those discussion groups. (I worded it carefully - they want a phone call to hear more. . .they are not committing to anything right now. . .but who knows what God may do). Here are some more observations:

- Binbrook is primarily made up of young families (lots of little kids)
- There are more dogs than kids in Binbrook
- There are more big-screen t.v.’s than dogs in Binbrook, and they are all on all night
- People are initially suspicious when they see two people with a clip board, but are pleasantly surprised when they hear it is a 60 second survey and that we are there as learners

In the end, our first night of surveys was very worth while. I can't wait until our next scheduled time in two weeks! Will you pray with me that the Lord of the Harvest would:

- Send more labourers to help us
- Send fruit to those labourers who want to see people saved
- Gather many people from Binbrook into evangelistic discussion groups in the winter
- Gather many people from Binbrook into our Sunday Morning worship services immediately


  1. This sounds like it was very helpful!! Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I love Binbrook!!