Friday, January 29, 2010

Mark Driscoll on Haiti

A few nights ago Natalie and I watched the first twenty minutes of Mark Driscoll's 75 minute message to his church on Haiti. Shortly after the earthquake, Driscoll and James MacDonald went to Haiti together, with the goal of connecting with pastors and learning how their respective ministries can help the church in that country. The video flashes back and forth between Driscoll's message, and video footage of his trip. At one point in the video a 'popping' sound is heard, and the camera pans over to find a man laying on the ground with his brains spattered all over the road. That country is in chaos! I'd strongly recommend watching this video, and considering supporting the ministry of Driscoll and MacDonald, called 'Churches Helping Churches' (or, like I did, find another reputable ministry to give money through).

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