Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free Christian Folk Download - Corey Doak

Through the wonders of Facebook I recently got re-connected with an old Briercrest Bible College Dorm-mate named Corey Doak. Corey was a very powerful display of the gospel to me. He had just recently experienced a very radical conversion and was coming to Bible College as a 'green as grass' new Christian (even greener than I was at the time). That was the winter of 1998, and I hadn't connected with him until a few weeks ago over the internet. Corey always had awesome musical talent, and I was thrilled to learn, not only that he was going on with the Lord, but that he has been using his music to God's glory! Check out his web site and enjoy his self-described 'Experimental Folk; Easy Listening, but Manly' sound. Also, check out this link for a free 3 song sampler.

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