Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Testimony of God's Grace. . .To Tricia

This past Sunday was bittersweet for our church family. Four years ago we welcomed a single-parent family of five into our church. Over the past four years we grew a deep mutual bond with Tricia and her four great kids. This past Sunday was a goodbye of sorts, as Tricia shared a testimony of God's grace to her and her family, as she prepares for her upcoming July wedding, and (the bitter part for us), her move 2 1/2 hours north after the wedding. I'd highly encourage you to listen to Tricia's testimony (found here). She honestly recounts the trials she has been through, and the awesome way God helped her make Him her ultimate treasure through that pain. And now, as she prepares to marry a great man of God, she is excited, but she is most excited about her God!

After Tricia shared I preached an abbreviated message on the 'goodbye' aspect of Paul's address to the Ephesian Elders. My main point was: this was a goodbye because God was calling Paul away. And my three points were: 1. Goodbye, with tears; 2. Goodbye, for he sake of the Kingdom; 3. Goodbye, you are in God's hands. I hope our church was encouraged by this Biblical goodbye, as we prepare to say goodbye to a family that has been an incredible blessing to our church family, and who we will miss very much! My message can be found in the same place.

Note: our church web site only stores messages for three weeks. Every week we erase an old message and add a new one. . .so if you are reading this after the month of June, those links will not bring you to the sermons mentioned above!!

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