Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling All Cheap, Shameless, Family-Oriented, Hungry Pastors

Cheap family fun. I love it when I find it. And yesterday I hit the big time. I took my family to East Side Mario's, and the four of us ate for under $20 after leaving a tip that was approaching 20%. Here's the story: East Side Mario's (at least the one near our home) has a Monday special: buy one entree, and get a kids' meal for free. My wife and I figured out that the $15 half chicken dinner (with a side of spaghetti instead of potatoes) would be plenty to split between the two of us, what with all of the salad and bread that comes along with it. It would be gluttony not to split it! And we also figured out that our 4 year old and 2 year old would be fine with splitting a 'kids' pizza, as it is big enough for any adult. We took advantage of the huge portions, ordered waters all around, and enjoyed a great family night for just under $20 after taxes and tip. The kids even enjoyed some juice, and my kids and wife even got a mini-ice cream cone each at the end of it all. You have to be willing to forgo pop and a bit of pride, but if you can hack it, it's a big meal at a great value.

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