Friday, September 17, 2010

The Reason for God DVD

The Reason for God is among my favourite apolagetics books. Written by a pastor-evangelist-theologian, it thoughtfully interacts with the most major objections people today have about Christianity. The book helps Christians think about 'getting traction' with non-Christians, while deepening their own faith. I was excited, then, to see today that a DVD is coming out. Below is a copy/paste of the summary. A link to the video trailer can be found here.

The Reason For God promises to be unlike any Christian DVD series we’ve ever seen. It actually shows the presenter (Keller) in live, unscripted conversation with an articulate group of six people who passionately disagree with Christian views.

Effectively, it’s Christian Vs Lions all over again. And you can find out who wins on October 15th when it’s released by Redeemer/Zondervan.

Here are the session topics:

Discussion 1

Isn’t the Bible a Myth?

Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?

Discussion 2

How Can You Say There Is Only One Way to God?

What About Other Religions?

Discussion 3

What Gives You the Right to Tell Me How to Live My Life?

Why Are There So Many Rules?

Discussion 4

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why Is There So Much Evil in the World?

Discussion 5

Why Is the Church Responsible for So Much Injustice?

Why Are Christians Such Hypocrites?

Discussion 6

How Can God Be Full of Love and Wrath at the Same Time?

How Can God Send Good People to Hell?

Published at the same time will be a Discussion Guide to help train group leaders. Additionally, a guide to help you run your group will be published online for free. Nice touch, that.

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