Friday, December 17, 2010

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Round Up - Free (and not free) Audio

It's a shame if you ask me. (Un?)Arguably the greatest preacher of the 20th century, the last few decades of whose ministry were largely recorded, and it's hard to find a free download. One can order CD's from The Martyn Lloyd-Jones recording trust, and that is great. But given the web explosion of great, free preaching, it's a shame that ML-J is largely not available for free download. Someone needs to raise funds, hire the personal, and get a good free site going. If Piper and Mahaney and Carson and MacArthur are free, why not Lloyd-Jones? So how can we get our hands on ML-J? Here are some options:

693 of his sermons are available for download ($3 each) here.

Countless of his sermons are available to purchase in book, CD, or MP3 CD formats here. The problem here is simply this: who would be willing to pay $450 for 14 MP3 CD's of ML-J on Romans, when 224 Piper sermons on the same book can be downloaded for free?

Moving on to the free category, there is a free weekly radio program for streaming (and I think for download as well). If I remember correctly, each week features half of a sermon, bracketed by the comments of a guy with a British accent. It is found here.

Better still, nine of his sermons are available for free download here. These were delivered in Pensicola, Florida in 1969.

Finally, five of his regular sermons are available for free download here. The first one, entitled 'Mind, Heart, Will' is especially good. Start there!

I'll leave this with you: do you know of any free Martyn Lloyd-Jones audio download sites? Am I missing anything? Leave a comment and let me know! Or, do you want to donate large amounts of money to the Martyn Lloyd-Jones recording trust, to set up a free download extravaganza? Contact them and let them know!

Update: 3 more free downloads can be found: here.

Yet another update: 9 more free ones can be found here.

Still yet another update: 2 more free ones can be found here (one is not yet working, though).


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  2. I subscribe to the MLJ Trust podcast and receive them that way.
    Blessings and God Bless!

  3. Firefighters for Christ has a "Lloyd Jones" sermon here: I don't know if it's Martin Lloyd Jones or not.

    You're right. Ever since I've become a believer, I've heard so much about Martin Lloyd Jones, but I've come across very little of his material. He's been a great influence on those who have been an influence on me.

  4. Emuelle,
    I'd recommend any of his books, most of which are simply edited sermons. They are accessible, theologically meaty, and very practical. Spiritual Depression and Evangelistic sermons are a good place to start, but any of his longer series are also excellent. I have the eight volumes of Ephesians and hope to get all of his Romans sermons some day.

  5. Emuelle,
    I just checked your link, and that's his voice, for sure.

  6. The best way to get free sermons from Dr. Lloyd-Jones is through OnePlace, which will give you the url for the podcast. Then just manually add that to itunes for automatic updates.

    The main reason that most of MLJ's sermons are not free is that the Recordings Trust was set up before the internet era to make the sermons available through cassette tapes. There was a great deal of audio conversion (reel-to-reel to cassette) to be done to make this happen. The internet era has added another step to this conversion process. If it were not for the Recordings Trust, we would have nothing today.

    Also, someone still has to administer the work and pay for things like bandwidth, time, resources, etc. Many of the preachers who give away their sermons already have that built in, because they have a staff and budget to take care of that. The people who make the Lloyd-Jones sermons available don't have that.

  7. has a gigantic collection of MLJ sermons...

    Posted by Mark Berggren

  8. ML-J was the 1st author I read as a Christian...he's shaped me.
    I too wish the ML-J trust would offer them free. A few years ago I had been in email dialog w/ them about suggestions on how to do just that...they wern't open. :(

    ML-J needs to be heard by this generation!

  9. the reason they are not free is because the MLJ trust have staff and offices and other costs that need to be covered by the sale of the recordings.

    Of course, it is true that if they just released them for free the whole church would benefit. However, that will mean that the staff would have to find alternative employment. The only way to keep people employed at the MLJ trust is to continue to charge for the sermons unfortunately.