Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ian's Links

Well, here we are a week into my proposed 'new blog format' and I've failed in the article department. Oh well. I did qualify my idea by saying that I'd only do it if I could manage. I guess teaching my son how to catch a tennis ball in his new baseball glove (in the basement) was more important than the blogosphere. He still needs work, so I may neglect this blog further! Anyway, here are some links that caught my eye this week. . .

The ultimate divider - I appreciated this article by Kevin DeYoung, that outlines the ultimate dividing issue between Catholics, Liberal Protestants, and Evangelical Christians.

The Pastor and Personal Criticism, Part III - CJ draws us into the Proverbs and shows an irony:
  • A fool desperately needs correction, but refuses to pursue it or receive it.
  • A wise man needs correction less than the fool, but he pursues it and welcomes it.
How true this is! cf. Heb 3:12-14.

What Are the Marks of a Crusty Christian - Justin Taylor posts this great quote by Kevin DeYoung, who is obviously fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Engaging, insightful, very practical, and often funny, read DeYoung's blog and all of his books! This particular quote is really sad, but really true.

The Pastor's Prayer Life - I look forward to listening to all of the most recent Desiring God Conference for pastors, Francis Chan and Paul Miller especially!

Piper on M'Cheyne - I have no idea why this was detached from the rest of the DG conference, but here's the link to the talk that I'm MOST looking forward to hearing. M'Cheyne was foundational for me back in 1999, and now I get to hear one of the my influential living guys 'out there' speak on one of my most influential dead guys.

The King's Cross - Tim Keller has a new book due out on Feb 22, on the Gospel of Mark. Just to convince us all that we need to read it, Justin Taylor has posted two great quotes, the first citing John Newton, and the second, Dick Lucas:
How and Inferiority Complex Can Be A Form of Pride
What Kind Of Religion is This?
An Interview with John Piper on the 25th Anniversary of Desiring God - I appreciated the pics of Piper from 1986 (for their hilarity) as much as I did the content of the interview (for its insight).

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