Friday, January 28, 2011

Announcing a New Blog Format (or one that I will try out, anyway)

A day away to rest and reflect has proved very beneficial already. In fact, I may just write an article about the 24 hour retreat my wife and I were recently blessed with. But for now I'll share an idea I had for a new blog format. With life change has come new blog direction, a sort of manageable yet beneficial plan, to help me grow, and to potentially bless a wider group as well. Instead of the previous format, made up mostly of haphazard links to things I appreciate, I've come up with a bit of a plan. Here's what I'm proposing to try:
1) Ian's Links - Instead of posting links as I see them, I'll keep an ongoing list of helpful links, and then post them in one document, once a week or so. We'll see how it goes.

2) Articles - Now that I've stepped out of a regular preaching ministry for a season, I've got a bit more 'output' energy in my tank, and I'd like to use it to hone my writing/critical thinking skills. If I can be of help to people who visit the blog at the same time, even better! My most recent article was an anecdote to illustrate men's and women's God-given roles, and can be found here. Stay tuned for more (maybe one per week or so?).

3) Odds and Ends - I'm sure that I'll still post some odds and ends, but about one link compilation and one article per week may be a good pace to aim at.

4) Confession - Some readers may observe that I plan to do in a week what my friend Tim Challies does every day, and they'd be correct. In developing this blogging plan, I'm simply recognizing my limitations. Tim has a lightning quick mind, an incredible ability to process information quickly, and get that information into pixels almost immediately. I have a slow mind, slow fingers, and a need to edit and reword things that Tim moved beyond in about grade 5.

5) Qualification - Blogging is much lower on the priority list than many other important duties. If this becomes a burden in any way, I reserve the right to pull the plug without warning or remorse.

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