Saturday, January 15, 2011

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Follow-Up

A while back I posted a collection of links to free Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermons (here). That post solicited over 600 visitors in the first two days, and some e-mails and comments added a few more links (which I later added to that post). But today I noticed a new comment that was so helpful, I thought I'd copy/paste it here. Thanks to "Calvinistic" for his wisdom:
The best way to get free sermons from Dr. Lloyd-Jones is through OnePlace, which will give you the url for the podcast. Then just manually add that to itunes for automatic updates.

The main reason that most of MLJ's sermons are not free is that the Recordings Trust was set up before the internet era to make the sermons available through cassette tapes. There was a great deal of audio conversion (reel-to-reel to cassette) to be done to make this happen. The internet era has added another step to this conversion process. If it were not for the Recordings Trust, we would have nothing today.

Also, someone still has to administer the work and pay for things like bandwidth, time, resources, etc. Many of the preachers who give away their sermons already have that built in, because they have a staff and budget to take care of that. The people who make the Lloyd-Jones sermons available don't have that.

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