Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Interview with Lecrae Moore and Trip Lee

In the video that follows, Justin Taylor sits down with Christian hip hop artists Lecrae Moore and Trip Lee to discuss life, music, and ministry. My wife and I really enjoyed watching, split over a couple of evenings.

We were reinforced in our appreciation for the theological depth, the gospel-centeredness, and the holy lives of these two Reach Records artists.

We also learned:
- that Trip Lee is only 22 and is about to take a 5 month break from music to do an internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church under Pastor Mark Dever
- that they view themselves as indigenous missionaries to the inner city
- that hip-hop as an 'in your face' art form most resembles preaching and most lends itself to challenging people with gospel truth
- that these men are both intentionally humble, seeking to give all glory to God
- that, in the words of Justin Taylor, a 2-3 hour concert provides a 'thick gospel presentation'.
- that there is an enormously mixed audience at any given concert. Many, many unbelievers, and also believers, young, old (60's even), white, black, etc. People who don't even like hip hop come because of how rich the message is. People who love hip hop but not Jesus come because these guys are talented.

My wife and I have also been enjoying Lecrae's Pre-Christmas release: "Rehab", and his most recent release (yesterday, in fact): "Rehab: The Overdose". The links are for the Canadian version of iTunes. Americans will have to do their own searching (sorry!).

Take a look at the video. It's great!

Justin Taylor Interview: Lecrae Moore and Trip Lee from Crossway on Vimeo.

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