Saturday, May 2, 2009

Movie Recommendation - Fireproof

Last night Natalie and I bunkered down to watch a full movie (a rarity when you have two little kids). A friend had loaned us 'Fireproof' starring Kirk Cameron. I knew it was about the blessing of getting married and staying married, even through very difficult times (contra the dominant message from our culture). I also knew that it was produced by a church, so there were no restraints on the clarity of the gospel. I was not prepared to be moved to tears by a great movie. For a full review, including a trailer for the moive go here:
(If anyone knows how to absorb these links into a single word like 'here' can you let me know?)
I plan to buy a copy of this movie for our church library in the near future.

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  1. Don't tell Paul... he hates it.

    BTW: To make a link you just have to use those pretty little buttons at the top of your post entry. The one you're looking for has a picture of a chain on it. :)

    I've talked about the movie a little bit on my blog too. But you've said everything here that needs to be said. :)