Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toronto Pastor's Conference

TPC Registration Now Open!

There are a lot of conferences in the Christian world. Some better than others. And you might be asking whether this conference is worth your investment of time, money, and prayer.

Let me give you four reasons I think you should be at TPC.

  1. The content. This conference is all about the local church, the place where you serve and minister. It is not about soon-to-expire techniques or feelings-of-inadequacy-inducing success stories; it is about the simple message of the Bible concerning the Bride of Christ.
  2. The speakers. Many months ago I began the process of trying to get Mark Dever to join us. He has thought and taught much on this topic and has excellent things to say. When I found out that Matt Schmucker was able to join him, I pretty much figured I should go into the conference planning business full time! This is the double-barrel deal on qualified preachers on the topic of the church.
  3. The size. You will rarely have an opportunity to sit under the ministry of these men where, literally, thousands have not gathered. We would love to have thousands at TPC, but likely will have less. That means more access, more time, and more benefit for you!
  4. The glory of God in the revitalizing of His church. I am absolutely convinced that the two and a half days of this conference have the potential to be the means of authentic revival in your own heart and in the hearts of those you shepherd. God blesses His Word and that is exactly what will be taught.
So, plan now to join us. If you register by March 27 you will save $15.00 and likely qualify for free billeting. You will also greatly assist our planning!

Looking forward to serving you from June 1-3,
Pastor Paul Martin

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