Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Piper: "Why I don't have a television and rarely go to movies"

I really appreciated John Piper's arguments on this issue. The article can be found here. Over the years, the principles behind Piper's 'no t.v.' lifestyle have really helped make me ruthless as I (guiltlessly) own a t.v. and watch a very moderate amount of it. Through his influence I've been ruthless with what I don't watch. I've also sought to guard against time-wasting with t.v. I highly recommend considering what he says. His argument is threefold: 1) he has a ZERO tolerance policy for ANY sexual content; 2) t.v. is most often trivial; 3) t.v. is time-consuming and addictive. I'll let you read the whole thing for the whole argument.

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