Friday, June 19, 2009

What is a 'De-Churched' Person?

In this two minute video, Matt Chandler explains what a de-churched person is. I was really helped by his insight. If you are not familiar with Chandler's ministry, he pastors the fastest growing church in the USA (about 1000 new people a year for over seven years). He's an expository preacher, gifted at penetrating application, and pastors in Dallas, Texas. His greatest burden is for the people who attend church regularly, think they are saved, but do not really know Christ. Very often baptismal testimonies at his church go like this: "I've been a part of church all my life, but now I realize I never really knew Christ until recently. . .". A close friend of my wife is a member of his church and really appreciates his ministry. Take a look at the video and be blessed.

If anyone knows how to upload YouTube videos right not a blog post, do you mind letting me know in the comments? That would really help this recovering Luddite.

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