Thursday, December 10, 2009

Created to Sing

Below I've copied/pasted a great Tim Keller quote, transcribed by Dan MacDonald. Dan pastors Grace Toronto Church and was trained by Keller in New York, if I understand correctly. The quote has to do with Christians and singing. Enjoy!
"You and I were created to sing. If secular people are right, then we are an accident, and love and hate and good and evil are how you are hard-wired, but they do not really exist. But if you were created by someone then you were created for someone. If by God, then created for God, if by the king, then for the king. We were created to make Him our king. Until you are, true to your original nature – you are like a fish on the ground; like a seed of a tree left on the windowsill. You need to plunge into the Lord Jesus Christ to become who you were meant to be. When the trees come into the full presence and lordship of God, they will be able to sing and dance – they are mere shadows now, they will be fully themselves then – and if that is true for them, then what about for us?"

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