Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Multi-Site Mega Churches

I've just read an interesting article on multi-site churches in USA today. It's main feature is on Tim Keller, and it reports on the trend's strengths and weaknesses. Contrary to many of my friends, I'm actually in favour of this model if it is done right. As long as people are in intimate, accountable relationships within their church (e.g. small groups), and they are being overseen by pastors, this could be a great tool. I'd also add that 'video church' might be best done in local contexts, where pastors will be able to best engage with the culture of their local community. It's a huge discussion, and those are just some preliminary thoughts.

The following paragraphs stuck out to me:

(In contrast to the old small church model of having the same pastor preach, marry, bury, and visit you), Green recognizes, "We're just not looking for that kind of relationship with a pastor anymore. Today, it's all about a personal relationship with God, not the culture of a church. And a megachurch or a multisite church can still offer this. If you are there to hear a message and it's a powerful one, it shouldn't matter how it's delivered."

"Even if people are just watching the senior pastor on a screen, they are still gathering, as the Bible commands, they are still serving the poor, engaging in worship and study, and encouraging one another," says Ed Stetzer of LifeWay Research in Nashville, which studies church trends.

You can read the whole thing here.

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