Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New (to me) Christmas CD

I'm always looking for new Christmas music. Every year Natalie and I tend to buy one or two new CD's and add them to our collection. One of our favourites is still the City on a Hill Christmas, probably because it was on repeat during much of her 24 hours of labour with our firstborn. How could we forget it? Anther favourite is the Sovereign Grace Music CD simply entitled, 'Savior'. Rich theology and beautiful music, especially the song, 'Rejoice'. Yesterday I saw a note on Justin Taylor's blog about another CD - Andrew Peterson's, 'Behold the Lamb of God'. This one is a re-release, 10th anniversary edition. The first disk is a remastered version of his original, and the second disk is a live version of the same CD with a few extras included. I was in the mood for new music, and liked the previews I heard, so I went for it, and I have not regretted this purchase. Marked by a 'folk' sound and beautiful melodies, and rich in Biblical Theology, this is a great album for Christians who want to prepare their hearts for Christmas, as well as help them fill out their whole-Bible understanding of the incarnation of Christ. Below I've posted a You Tube Video of one of the songs.
Canadians can preview and download the album here (you can also order the CD there).
Americans can go the cheaper Amazon download route, found here.

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